Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts are such an awesome  way to preserve those sentimental items of clothing you have.. packed up, stored away, never seen, never touched.

We all know how important and priceless these items are to us.. so why do we keep them hidden in boxes, in closets, in trunks, in attics? Because we know we would, nor could ever part with them, and just as long as they’re within reach, we’re cool!

Well.. I take all of those sweet memories of yours, and turn them into a quilt for you and your family to treasure forever! You’ll be able to wrap up in it, fold it over your bed, or over a chair, or just keep it folded and tucked away only to be brought out whenever a good story needs to be told!

I do not make a “traditional” style of memory quilt because I use every little important detail, then use the ‘leftovers’ for filler material… so essentially, the quilt is made entirely of your memories!

I created my own technique, style and design of making these quilts .. so they are truly unique.

First Year Quilts , T-shirt Quilts , In Memory Of Quilts

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