First Year Quilts

First Year Quilts tie in all of those precious outfits your *little* wore during that first special year here with you… 

…the ‘take home’ outfit, the first trip to the beach, the 1st Christmas jammies, the 1st Birthday outfit.. and so many more “Firsts!”

You can have all of those sweet memories spread out onto an original, one of a kind quilt to reminisce over, tell stories about, laugh & cry on, and cherish for generations! Each quilt is unique in its own special way, just like your sweet baby. And very piece fits together just so, almost like a jig-saw puzzle.

I take great pride in the work that I do, treating each piece with the utmost respect and love. I make 5 different sizes to choose from and you can contact me here for all of the details. All of my original quilts include a hand-stitched heart patch with your child’s name and birthday, visit my Facebook Page for lots more picture! 🙂