A love note.

A girl and her daddy… her Prince Charming, her first love, her whole heart. 💗

Seems about right…

My sweet girls are ob-sessed with their daddy, and for good reason because he’s awe-some, but that sometimes leaves me feeling overlooked & unloved, which is reallllllly hard. They are my whole world, I do everything for them, and everything I do revolves around them, yet they seem completely oblivious to it all. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (I mean.. they are almost at that golden age {2} of reason and understanding, right?! )

That’s why I’m gonna need two (edit, 14) of these shirts for my girls to wear, like every day…

My sister gave me some wise advice one day in the midst of one of my many, “but why don’t they love me?” moments… she said our children know, without a doubt, that moms will always be there to take care of them. That we are easily taken for granted for all the things we do because we are the constant source of routine, nurture, and love, every day- every minute- without fail, we just keep going, & doing, & giving. I asked my sister (mom of 3 girls, 11-17-22) when this dynamic shifted, but this was an answer I already knew from my own experience. She said it usually starts in their 20’s, but, “when your babies have babies,” they’ll truly appreciate all you’ve done & all you’ve sacrificed for them.

Now, I get it.

I was a Daddy’s girl just like my girls are now, and I know this made my own momma sad somedays. I wish I could tell her how sorry I am, that I never meant to make her sad, that I never loved my daddy more than I loved her (just different), that I am so grateful for all she did for me. That after being a mommy to Vayda & Viviyn, I finally get it.

But even if I could tell her all of that, I know she’d say to me what I’ll say to my girls some day…

“Darlin, there’s no need to apologize for that. I prayed for your daddy to be the kind of father he is and I’m so thankful for the love y’all share. I know you love me. Always have. And I love you more than anything. Always will.” 💗

So to all of you mamas out there that feel this way from time to time… I get it. I’m in the trenches with you. But I know our daughters love us on a level that’s too big to understand. Keep going, keep doing, & keep giving because the light they see in us now has the ability to shine and reflect on future generations. 💫


Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too
– a verse from John Mayer’s song, Daughters