A moment.

Has it ever happened to you? When one tiny little moment of the day comes crashing down and changes your whole world in 60 seconds flat.

It happened to me on August 28th, 2015.. exactly one month ago today.

I was driving over to my parent’s house full of excitement to tell them some wonderful news that I’d been waiting all day to get. You couldn’t slap the smile off of my face and this was something I had to share with them in person. I arrived at their house, got out of my car, walked up the steps, knocked on the storm door… and it was that moment that changed everything.

I walked in the house and knew something was terribly wrong. Dad was leaning over Momma in her recliner and she was staring blankly into space. He told me she had just had a seizure and he had already called EMS. I tried talking to her and asking her questions, but she just stared. I was terrified for my Momma’s life and all the ‘what ifs’ started rolling in my mind. EMS arrived and went to work. Dad explained she’d had a horrible seizure and before he could finish the story, she seized up again. I stood there helpless watching my Momma’s body twist and tense and shake uncontrollably, and all I could do was pray in that moment.


I walked down the hall and cried out to God. Begging Him to make her okay. Pleading with Him not to take her away from us. I can go right back to that exact moment now…and it’s one I will never forget as long as I live.

We got to the ER where a team of doctors and nurses jumped all over her and her needs. She had a 3rd seizure in the ER so they saw exactly what we had witnessed just moments earlier. People in scrubs were scattered all over the place, weaving in and out like little ants. Thank you Lord for the team that was in the ER to treat her that moment, they were amazing.

They got mom stabilized and ran lots of tests and blood work. Her sodium level came back WAY out of whack, so much so that the doctor ordered another blood test. The second test came back the exact same, her sodium had dropped below 100- which is completely unheard of. She was moved to ICU while the docs explained to us how critical her situation was. They couldn’t even believe she’d made it to the hospital alive, and said it was a complete miracle. Thank you Lord for keeping my Momma alive in that moment.

We saw a little progress in the next few days.. she was talking a little, seemed to be understanding what we were telling her, and able to follow simple commands from the nurses and doctors. And they still kept saying, “This is a complete miracle.” She was moved out of ICU on the 4th day and was doing so much better. She was feeding herself, speaking in broken sentences, and was able to walk with little assistance. Thank you Lord for giving my Momma these precious moments of a normal life.

She caught an infection in the hospital and we saw a dramatic decline in her health all of a sudden. She could not talk, walk, feed herself, or do any of the things she was doing before. It felt like all of our hope had been let out just like helium from a balloon. And in those moments of doubt, worry, and fear.. all we could do was pray and trust God.

We went through so many more tests, procedures, another facility, and then back home with health care… and were right back in that same ER with her last night. It’s been a long month for my sweet Momma and for our entire family. My Dad has been completely amazing and I can only pray that my husband will love me as hard if something happens to me. My parents took a vow 37 years ago, and Dad’s held up his end of the bargain and then some. He’s grateful for every moment with her and is praying for God to allow them many more beautiful moments together.


Momma still has a long way to go with probably lots more tests and procedures.. but one thing we know for sure is- GOD kept her here for a reason and she has a lot more life to live!! She’s always said dynamite comes in small packages, and she’s surely proved that she’s a fighter!

We’re praying for God’s will, we’re praying for His healing, we’re praying for miracles that only He can produce, and we’re praying for lots more happy moments with my sweet Momma.

To all of you that have known and that have been praying for her and us, thank you from the depths of my heart… we truly feel your prayers!

And to all of you who just found out by reading this, please find a moment in your day to lift my Momma up in your prayers. Her name is Kathy and she is so loved!

2 Corinthians 12:9- The Lord said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.